Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ban Is Lifted :)

Yasak Kalktı:)
It's nice to see that people DO care,we ARE heard, and they ARE willing to make changes to make the public happy. The blogger ban was lifted yesterday, wooohooo! Let's hope this will be the end of unjust internet bans.
Birilerinin umursadığını, sesimizin duyulduğunu bilmek güzel... Yasak kalktı, umarım bu anlamsız internet yasaklarının sonu olur ve bundan sonra internette kanun çiğnenmesi halinde daha çağdaş çözümler bulunur. Şimdilik gözümüz aydın :)


*jemima* said...

Arghghgh, your header is so pretty!
Me want! :D x

Unknown said...

Great news!!!!!!!!!!
Have you think that this time is like the Renaissance because 0f internet.
It is terrific when we realize it!!!

My Castle in Spain said...

Hourrah !!!

so glad for you !

Anonymous said...


Juddie said...

Wow! Yay for justice!

Tammy said...

I'm glad the ban has been lifted. Don't little things like this remind you how fragile things can be. I, too, am glad that people spoke up and were heard!! I enjoy your blog and have followed it for I think a little over a year now, and look forward to reading your future posts. And I'm v. glad you can now post again.

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