Thursday, October 30, 2008


Creative ways to display candles from Sköna Hem. They are so pretty that they even impressed me, a candleophobic.
Sköna Hem'den mumla dekorasyon yapmanın yaratıcı yolları. Öyle güzeller ki bir mumfobik olan beni bile etkilemeyi başardı bu örnekler...
These stick-thin candles sticked in white sand in glass vases is gorgeous. Bonus points for being actually safe, because something seems to catch fire each time I build up the courage to light candles.
Beyaz kuma saplanıp cam vazoda yakılan incecik mumlar çok zarif. Güvenli oldukları için ekstra puan, çünkü ben ne zaman mum yakmaya teşebbüs etsem birşeyler alev alıyor.
Decorating your dining room when having guests (or just for a romantic dinner) is the ticket to a magical atmosphere. Using a variety of glass lanterns is much better than having multiples of the same one, it looks much more oriental/eclectic.
Yemek odanızdaki, ya da Türkiye için daha gerçekçi bir tabirle salonunuzdaki büfeyi cam fenerler ve mumlarla böyle dekore etmek, misafir ağırlarken (ya da romantik bir akşamda) büyülü bir atmosfer yaratmanın anahtarı. Ama fenerlerin farklı farklı olması önemli...
Not as safe, but the beauty is worth the risk!
Diğerleri kadar güvenli değil, ama riske girmeye değecek kadar güzel!

Sorry I am not making a longer post today, but I am absolutely hooked reading this article on David Report. Check out all the articles on the sidebar here, because they are all very thought provoking and they are about issues that us designers and consumers need to face. I still haven't recovered from their article called I Shop therefore I am, I haven't been able to shop ever since reading that. I highly recommend you dig deeply into that blog if you haven't already.
ps: Thank you everyone who showed their support during the blog-ban, especially Felicity (who used to write All Things Bright and Beautiful), Corine from Hidden in France, Karina from El Beso, and Craft Woman (for the heads up ).


malla said...

Eski bir büfem var,yerim olsa aynen fotoğraftaki gibi mumlarla doldurabilirim.Ama büfeyi bir gün değerlendireceğim.Muck muck.

Ana Balbinot said...

Dear Alis,
As you already know, Im a huge fan of your blog! Today I posted my 100 post and I choose some bautiful images that I found in Blogland since I beggin my blog. As yours is one of my favorites , I used some pictures from your blog. Please come to visit me and see! I will be very glad with your visit and comment.
Have a nice week!

kristinco said...

J'adore ces jeux de lumière !!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...


I never thought of putting stick thin candles in jars like that what a neat idea.
I've been obsessed with getting moroccan lanterns lately, there seems to be a pretty good selection on ebay. I also love the birdcage idea but it is quite bold...I'm going to read the article right now. I was thinking of quitting shopping for a while expect for bottoms because I need new ones haha

K said...

What great ideas! All of them. I absolutely love candles and have them all over my house. But I would love to showcase them in different ways---wonderful find!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your china cabinet in blue. I have an antique china cabinet with sliding doors very similar to yours pictured. I am going to try and recreate it. I decided this past year I wanted to but have been searching for the perfect color. I have found it. I love your designs. Thank you for sharing!