Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Wanna Be Here...

Keşke Burada Olsam...
bosluk{click here to see the gorgeous view)
{muhteşem manzarayı yakından görmek için buraya tıklayınız}
Good news is I may actually be there at the weekend, because it's my family's currently unfinished home; the one with the bathroom dilemma.
İyi olan şu ki bu haftasonu gerçekten de orada olabilirim, burası ailemin henüz tam bitmemiş evi çünkü; şu banyosuna ne yapacağımızı çözemediğimiz ev.


My Castle in Spain said...

How i understand you !

and the dog looks so happy too...


Fifi Flowers said...

Great view... hope you get there!

Couture Carrie said...


Richel said...

that place is breathtaking!


you make me dream...

Thank you very much dear Alis

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beauty comma said...

It looks lovely! And so does your new blog header! I guess you do the drawings yourself. I love the look on the rabbit's face=)

Anonymous said...

wow, that looks so beautiful and peaceful!

alis said...

Lala - the naughty dog is knocked down from exhaustion caused by barking at every little bird & bug & dog & person that passes by the vicinity. If she hadn't decided to sleep herself, I think somebody else would have knocked her down eventually :)

Fifi - thanks! Looks like I'll go another weekend, my parents are visiting for this one :)

couturecarrie, richel , thank you both!

style and the city - paris, thank you for the link. I fixed yours, added the dash, I hope it is right now.

thedecodetective - Oh I wish I could do such drawings, but no. The flowers are taken from prints by Wonting NYC. I didn't remember where I got the bunny, but now that you asked I did a qucik search, here is the link to it:
I just put all these images together in a header. I'm very happy that you liked it :)

cupcakes and cashmere - The house is located on a hill so that view keeps going 180 degrees around the house. And on the right side which can't be seen in the picture, there are hills covered with a forest. It is inevitably relaxing :) Thanks for your sweet comment!

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