Monday, February 18, 2013


Oyun Evi

Every detail in this photo is just lovely, but the view from the window a whole nother level.

Bu köşedeki her bir detay ayrı güzellikte, ancak manzara hepsinden öte.

The family who lives here has great taste in old school toys. Case in point, everything in the child's room above and the rocking swan toy a couple of photos up.

Burada yaşayan ailenin oyuncak konusundaki zevki çok ince. Tamamı eski tip. Üstteki çocuk odasındaki oyuncakların hepsi birbirinden hoş. İki fotoğraf üstte de sallanan ahşap kuğular vardı.

Photos by Solvi dos Santos, from Kochen Wies.


koralee said...

What a lovely blog you have...I am not sure how I found you but so glad I did. Happy Monday.

Marina said...

I am in love!! Especially the first picture! I can imagine myself writing letters at that desk and looking at that great view!

alis said...

koralee - Thank you, I'm glad you did too :)

Marina - Even folding laundry while looking at that view would be no chore :)

Unknown said...

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