Friday, February 1, 2008

Tip for Bloggers: How to Build a Light Tent

I guess there isn't much people in our little blogosphere who have not read the highly helpful "Tips for New Bloggers" post series by Felicity from the lovely All Things Bright and Beautiful. She has already done so much, put her heart to it and has totally covered the subject, I learned a lot from those posts as many other new bloggers did too. She tagged me and some other bloggers to contribute to the subject and post a tip. My knowledge is pretty basic so instead of a blogging tip I decided to post a tip about photography and give you some useful links on "How to Build a Light Tent". This tip will be useful for anyone out there who likes to take photographs of objects, the pictures will turn out much more clear and luminous.

Image from Flickr, idiotking's photostream.

This photo of a radio was taken in a DIY light tent. It looks pretty professional to me! This photo has a white background, but you can have backgrounds in other colors by using colored hard paper as your backdrop, as seen below.


Now, here are the links:

Super Simple Light Tent at Instructables - The Picture above is from this tutorial, this one is very easy to make, using a cardboard box.

PVC Light Box by Bill Huber - Also good tutorial, this one is made by using PVC tubes. It may be a bit more functional as the cardboard frame may cause unwanted shadows.

Tutorial with sound- This one explains the PVC Light Box above, but click on the " the tippin' " button on the menu, there are some good adjustment tips.

I found about these light tent tutorials via Core 77's "Hack 2 School" Guide, which is a very fun and useful guide for design students. I laughed several times while reading it as it reminded me of my college years a lot!

If you can't bother with making one of your own, you can always buy one here, there are many options in a wide price range.

I hope this tip will be useful for you, enjoy!


blah said...

Alis - wow! I never knew how they did this!!

Thank you!!

I am seriously going to have to try this.

Watch out children I'm stealing your cots for a higher purpose!!

I shall add this link to the post that I said you were tagged on - Thank you thank you thank you :-)

alis said...

Oh I'm glad you liked it, I was worried that it would be a totally useless tip as I don't own a good camera yet (my parents got our camera when they moved out) and haven't been able to try it myself. But when photographing objects the clutter and reflections around can be distracting so I guess it's good. You take pictures of flowers, maybe this light tent will work for that too?