Thursday, December 11, 2008

Close Encounters With Lambswool

Koyun Yünü İle Yakın İlişkiler
"Kara Koyun" adlı korku filminden bir sahne...
Kurban bayramınız nasıl geçiyor? Şahsen benimkisi oldukça aktif. Bir sağa dönüp yatıyorum, bir sola. Şömine çıtır çıtır yanıyor, köpeğimiz şöminenin neredeyse içinde yatıyor, geri kalan zamanda da yarı pişmiş beyni alarm verip odunlukta fare peşine düşüyor. İşte böyle anlarda kalkıp ona bahçe kapısını açmak gerekiyor ki bu da dondurucu soğukla yüzleşmek demek. Kapıyı kapar kapamaz kendimi can havliyle battaniyenin altına zor atıyorum.
It's holiday in Turkey (the one that has got to do with sheep, if you are wondering the relevance of the picture above). My mind is very occupied by trying to decide which cheek of my bum I should lie on. My dog is practically sleeping inside the fireplace, and for the rest of the time she has devoted her half-cooked brain to a hunt for the naughty mouse in our woodshed. Someone needs to open the door to let her out, and face the freezing breeze in the process. At those moments I can hardly make it back to under the protective warmth of my blanket.
Melin Tregwynt'in battaniyeleri öyle güzel renklere sahip ki!! Bayramda babaanneme yaptığımız ziyaret sırasında kendisine verilen armağanlar arasında en severek kullandığı ve her defasında hediye eden kişiyi anımsadığı şeylerin diz üstü battaniyeleri olduğunu söyledi. Gerçekten de güzel renkli, yumuşacık bir diz üstü battaniyesi hele de kışın verilebilecek en güzel hediyelerden.
Melin Tregwynt has a selection of beautiful blankets, the colors are so gorgeous. We were visiting my grandmother during the holiday and she mentioned that she loves using the blanket throws that she had received as gifts, and always thinks of the person who gave them to her. I have to agree; it's the warmest gift one can give, especially in cold winter days.
Bir de çoraplar yapmışlar, ama bu güzel suratlı ayak-ısıtıcılar dururken çoraplara bakan kim? Bir de bu yazımda aldığım tepki bana bu resimlerdeki yer döşemelerini en az benim kadar beğeneceğinizi söylüyor.
They made socks and other warm stuff too, but who cares about socks when you have got these adorable feet-warming creatures by your side? Oh, and judging by the reaction I got on this post, you guys are going to like the flooring seen in these pictures.
Bu arada her ne kadar bayramın sonu gelmiş çatmış olsa da iyi bayramlar :) Kurban bayramını irdelemeye girmek hiç istemiyorum, Berceste'nin bayram hakkında geçen seneden kalma bu yazısı bence çok güzel.

All images from Melin Tregwynt.


IKS said...

you always find such beautiful pics, it is amazing. and i agree the blanket is a great gift, im not just saying that, when i think of it, i just imagine the person(s) i would like to get blanket from, and how i would wrap myself into them just to remember or feel closer to the giver(s)...

Camille said...

i really like your blog ;b

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

your grandmother is right, a beautiful blanket makes such a great gift. I have so many small blankets at home, my boyfriend has even stolen a couple from planes.
That dog seems to really like those extra long and cozy socks, how cute!

Anonymous said...

Evet, evet, taş döşemeler bu sefer de gözden kaçmadı. :)

Aymen said...

ayak ısıtıcılarına bayıldım çok güzeller.

florette and her cakes said...

the floor is amazing. It is very Barcelona-like! it's the kind of tiles, not so say exactly the same than most modernist buildings from the city centre in here. I adore them with passion...

Unknown said...

i love blankets, it summer here but right now I am in the country and at nigth it is a bit cold outside, and I love looking at the stars wraped in a warm blanket.

Siljesfashion said...

I love how you always manage to find these amazing pictures. I have gotten 3 blankets for xmas before, that I use all the time. A perfect gift indeed!

Vera said...

The blankets look really cute and cosy !! And your dogs are adorable, i had mine on my latest post too :o)

hindiba said...

Taş döşemeler Malta'daki bazı eski evlerin girişinde gördüklerime benziyor. Ve çok hoşlar...

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

hmm I wish i had a fire place would be so cozy for the winter.

beauty comma said...

Your grandmother's right, I've got a couple of blankets that I got as a gift, and I also think of the person who gave them to me. I guess it's true of all gifts though... but especially the ones that keep us warm and protected!

Ella Gregory said...

Aw those dogs are so cute. I'd like to snuggle up with them under one of the blankets.

P said...

Stepping out from the shadows to tell you how much I love your blog...I left you a little award on my blog to honor your wonderful creativity and fantastic eye.

Robot Nine said...

Hmmm, shepp upstairs, in the window, looking sexy. Turkish holiday. A movie I may not want to see...
Robot Nine

beauty comma said...

Alis, I'm spamming a bit here, but I just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Thanks for your comments and linking to me an' all =) See you around in 2009!

timelesshome annika said...

Keep on blogging.
Icanot wait until next post.
You are linked on my page.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I hope your holiday went well, blog again soon. xx

Vera said...

I think blankets make great presents as well, one can never have enough!

alis said...

Lots of comments, each lovely. Sorry for answering so late.

Electro Geisha- Thank you I'm blushing, you are so sweet.
You are right I too always think I'm giving a hug to the giftgiver when I wrap myself into the blanket.

Fashion Camille - Thank you:)

Jen- Handknit ones even make better gifts, kind of like quilts but warmer :)

Müge- O taş döşemelerin kaynağını tespit ettim ama şimdilik rehin tutuyorum, yakında yazacağım :)

Aymen-Ayaklarımı gurul gurul tombul bir göbişle ısıtmak gibisi yok gerçekten de :)

florette and her cakes-I love them too, instant nostalgic style.

Karina-It's wonderful that while it is snowing and FREEZING outside a blogger friend is enjoying a night under the stars in a far corner of the world:)

Silje- Thank you, I try to find nice pictures as the ones I take aren't as blogworthy as yours :)

Deep_in_Vogue- Too bad my office blocks photobucket and such image sites, I can't view your pictures :( I have several blankets(all gifts) and I pile them all on freezing days :)

evren - Belki Malta'yı anlattığın güzel yazılarının birinde bahsettiğin eski evlerin içlerini görebiliriz, ne dersin? :)

P-Thank you so much! Unfortunately my work's silly policy somehow blocked your blog, I need to check later from home :)

Robot Nine- I don't think the sheep is supposed to be sexy, that might be your imagination :) It's just creepy. During that holiday sheep are usually afraid of humans so I thought a frightening sheep for a change would be in place.

Deco-Detective- Of course you are NOT spamming, your comments are always a delight to read. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too :)

timelesshome annika- Thank you so much :)

jen- I just did, hehe. Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

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