Friday, March 4, 2011

Likainen Parketti

I am in awe of this blog, Likainen Parketti, written by Nena from Finland. She shares incredible photos from her own home, and I'm developing an inferiority complex, stylewise. Nena's blog very very beautiful and it is 1 year old today.
I also want to give my gratitude to all my readers from different countries around the world. When I check my blog stats, the first place I look is that huge map showing where my readers are from. I'm always so happy to see how someone from the other side of the planet and I are communicating somehow, sharing something, and I dream about how daily life must be like in that country. Thank you so much for fitting my blog in your daily routines, I am so grateful. You may not have heard but Blogspot had been banned in Turkey, my own country, do to a copyrights lawsuit of a TV company. It's not entirely censorship, but it is a huge violation of our rights. Thanks to you my blog traffic hasn't dramatically dropped like the blogs that only post in Turkish. I love you guys!
Yeni favori bloglarımdan Likainen Parketti, Nena tarafından Finlandiya'dan yazılıyor. Kendi evinin muhteşem fotoğraflarını paylaşan Nena'nın blogu bugün 1 yaşında ama ben daha yeni keşfettim. Sizlerin de beğeneceğinizden eminim.
All images from Likainen Parketti.


Anonymous said...

Hi! We love you over here too- in the Philippines. You're design sensibility is simply fabulous! it appeals to me on a very primal level. Keep up the good work, never stop blogging, you have quite a following. :-)- Reyna Tan:

alis said...

Reyna - Thank you so much! You are so, so sweet! You are reading my blog all the way from Philippines, that is just incredible and it makes me giddy with joy :)

Angela Casserly said...

I'm a big fan of your blog, I have it bookmarked changing to follower!

white collar | green soul said...

Her place gives me an inferiority complex too.... it's amazing. And there is a harry bertoia chair - how I want that chair. Seems that everyone has one except I!

I love your blog name, by the way!

- agata.

JoJinx said...

Been catching up on some of your older posts, and thought I would say hello from New Zealand! Love the blog, and thank you for the time you put into it. Brings pure delight.

alis said...

Hello JoJ! Thank you for your kind words, I'm loving that you're enjoying! New Zealand, how amazing!