Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Technical Difficulties

Teknik Arızalar
You must be wondering why I haven't been posting, as most of you probably know I left for London in a rush and stayed there for a week. More about that later. When I came back a painfully big workload was waiting for me, I even stayed at work for my first ever overtime! So that was another very busy week. Just when I found time to dedicate to my blog, I was hit with a shock: all blogger adresses were blocked from my work computer, as an oppressive company policy! I won't say much about it, because as much as I really like what I do, company structures are things that make me mad. Anyway, I need blogger adresses for my work, so I did what I could to get them to make them accessible from my computer. And they did, on another very busy day. So yesterday I got my self a cup of coffee and was all inspired to make a nice post that would make up for my absence, but to my shock again the IT guy comes and blocks blogger AGAIN! Wtf? How am I posting this right now? Because now they are accessible again. I think they're playing me.
Niye bunca zamandır birşeyler yazmadığımı merak edenleriniz için kısa bir açıklama: Çoğunuzun bildiği üzere 1 haftalığına İngiltere'deydim. Bundan daha sonra detaylı olarak bahsedeceğim. Geri döndüğümde beni bir yığın iş bekliyordu (hala da bekliyor). Blog'uma ayıracak ufacık bir zaman dilimi bulduğumda ne göreyim: baskıcı bir politika sonucu iş yerinden tüm blogger adresleri bloklanmış! Herneyse, blogger adreslerine zaten işim için ihtiyaç duyuyorum o yüzden blogları açtırmak için elimden geleni yaptım, açıldı da; yine meşgul bir günümde. Tam dün bir fincan kahve alıp yazı yazmak hevesi ile blog adresimi girdim kiiiii BT'ci arkadaş gelip YİNE blokladı! Şimdi nasıl mı yazıyorum? Tekrar açmışlar şimdi. Oynuyorlar benle.


Fifi Flowers said...

Good luck getting everything straightened out.
I love the James Merrill photos in your sidebar... truly DIVINE!

Unknown said...

I missed you!

Ella Gregory said...

I agree in a way that Jen always looks a bit needy and sad but maybe that is because people expect her to look that way and we project it onto her? Or maybe she just is? I don't know with that one.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I'm off to london tomorrow
can't wait
I hope your trip went well
tell us more about it
sorry to hear about the blogger thing, the it guys at my job are very strict too.

K said...

I am so sorry for all the frustrations! Ugh, how annoying! I hope that all of it is fixed! You are wonderful and I hope you can take time to relax and take a breather! Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

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